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Q: Do I have to sign-up for the Saturday morning adult clinics in advance?

A: Our clinics now require advance registration.  Register through The Gardens Ice House site.  Click "Hockey Clinics" on the left side of the page.    

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Players must now pre-pay through the Gardens website.  

Q: What is the skill level of your adult clinics?

A: Most skaters fall into the beginner – intermediate level range (although some skaters are more advanced). Most of our drills are scaled so that you will be challenged whether you are a true beginner or a more experienced player. When we do drills involving competition, we always split into ability levels.


Q: Do I need full equipment?

A: It’s best to have full equipment and most players wear everything. If you haven’t purchased everything yet, you can get by with skates, helmet, gloves, shin pads, and elbow pads. If you are looking for equipment, we recommend For Sports. These pro shops are located in the Gardens Ice House and Rockville Ice Rink.


Q: I’m a true beginner. Are the clinics right for me?

A: If you can skate a little, you’ll be fine at the clinics. If you have never skated before, it’s probably best to take a skating class before coming to the clinics.


Q: I played hockey as a kid/teen/young adult but haven’t played in years. Are the clinics a good place for me to start playing again?

A: Definitely. Many skaters are in the same situation. The clinics are also a good place to connect with other adults who may be looking for players to join their teams.


Q: How are the clinics structured?

A: We generally work on a skating skill and a puck skill at each clinic. We also work on team skills. Many of the drills are designed to allow you to practice the skills in a game-type situation.


Q: How many people show up at your Saturday clinics?

A:   This varies greatly from week to week, but we average around 20 - 25 skaters per session.   


Q: Will I spend the whole clinic standing in line?

A: Definitely not. This is our greatest fear as instructors. We aim for a 1:1 work to rest ratio. If a drill takes you 30 seconds to complete, you shouldn’t stand in line for much longer than 30 seconds.


Q: Is there an age requirement for the adult clinics?

A: Skaters must be 18. Typically, we have skaters who range in age from 18 to their mid-60s and beyond.


Q: Do you have an email list?

A: Yes. You can sign-up for it by sending us an email.


Q: Do you work with kids?

A: Yes. Currently, we work with kids during private lessons only. Contact us for availability.


Q:  I would like to schedule some private or small group lessons. What should I do?

A: Contact us for availability. We will get back to you, so we can find a time that works.


Q:  I want to join a team - Where can I find more information?

A: You should check out Hockey North America or the adult league at The Gardens Ice House. Both offer leagues for players of all levels.  Andy Calandro is the lead instructor for the beginner school at Hockey North America.

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