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Do you want feedback on your game from someone other than a screaming teammate on the bench?  Sign-up for our individual coaching sessions.  


What is included:

We’ll attend one of your games in person or review it on LiveBarn.  Your post-game session includes a review of your shifts via Zoom or through written and time stamped game notes.  


What we can cover:

We’ll break down your game and give you the targeted feedback that adult players never seem to get.  This feedback could be in areas such as proper positioning, skating skills, stick and puck skills, play without the puck, defensive skills, and many more areas.     



Does your team struggle to get on the same page? Do you need an outside voice to help bring your group together? Sign-up for our team in-game coaching or team practice sessions.


Game Sessions:

We’ll attend one of your team’s games in person or review it on LiveBarn.  Live game coaching includes a ten minute pre-game chat, two periods of on-bench coaching, and a five minute post-game chat.  Following the game, we’ll send out detailed notes or meet with the whole team via Zoom for a video review session. 


We’ll work with your captains to design a practice to fit the needs of your team.  We can typically cover 2-3 topics in a 60 minute practice and 3-4 topics in a 90 minute practice. We’ll travel to any rink in the area and can work with full or half-ice practices.      

Contact Andy for more information.  

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